If you own a business in Exeter and are looking to improve the visibility of your company online, it is quite likely that you have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The advantages that SEO is able to generate for a local company can be immense. In fact, it can really help businesses in Exeter reach the next level and compete with bigger and more successful companies.

It’s quite likely that you are looking for an SEO company in Exeter that can help you out with your search engine optimisation goals.

If you are completely new to the concept of SEO, you would first have to understand the wide range of benefits that SEO will be able to provide for your company. Some of the most important, and perhaps the most common are as follows:

What is SEO?

So, Search Engine Optimisation, what is it? The short version, it’s optimising your websites content for your keywords and then building contextual links from other websites to your site. At a very basic level, that’s it. But it’s a whole lot more complicated than that under the surface.

So let’s dive in a little bit deeper, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the Google search results (SERPs), There are two sides to SEO, On-Page & Off-Page. On Page is done by optimising your content for relevancy, user experience, site speed, & many other factors. Off-page refers to “backlinks” or contextual links from other websites pointing back to your site, such as Blog Posts, News Articles, Videos & much more.

Do You Need SEO

Got a website? then yeah, you probably do need search engine optimisation. Otherwise, your website is kind of like a bad employee, just sat around not doing much all day. But what if you could turn that slacker into your top performing superstar sales person? That’s kind of how SEO works, we take your website and optimise it for commercial intent keywords for your industry, so you can capture as many relevant leads for your industry as possible, and more qualified leads = more business.

Percentage of Traffic by Google Rank

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Fifth

Why SEO Improves Your Business

The number 1 result on Google can get up to 33% of all the people looking for that phrase clicking on it. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, being the first result on Google gives your brand a very strong sense of trust and credibility.

There is unquestionably no doubt that SEO can help your business generate a great amount of recognition and revenue. Even though few people know this, SEO can also be used as a branding process. This is because, with the help of higher search ranking results, it can definitely help your company name occupy a greater space in the minds of your target customers. This can help in increasing the credibility of your business to quite some extent as well.

The Results of SEO

So we’ve briefly gone over a few SEO related topics, but here’s the crunch, the value SEO provides to your business. To put it in some sort of equation. More qualified website traffic = more prospects and leads. More prospects and leads = more customers, more customers = more revenue and more revenue means you can get that thing you want, be it a holiday or a new car or expand the business, whatever. But you need more customers to achieve that and our SEO services can definitely push your business in the right direction so you can attain these goals.

Before SEO

website visitors before

After SEO

website visitors after